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WAGT-MOOC acquires her assets through grants, donations, testamentary dispositions and legacies. The incoming gifts will be used to support the development and maintenance of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for PhD and master students active in the domain of gerontechnology.
We are a non-profit organization and aim to be fully transparent in how the budget is acquired and spent.
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In case you want to give a legacy to the Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology, you can use the following phrase in your testament: “I donate a legacy to the amount of XXX, free from rights and charges, to the Stichting WAGT-MOOC, the Netherlands.”

Do you gave a question of request? Please contact the Board of the Stichting WAGT-MOOC
by e-mail through the secretary
or write to:
Board of the Stichting WAGT-MOOC
c/o the secretary
Molenpad 4, 4112 NZ Beusichem
The Netherlands