WAGT-MOOC Foundation

About us

Official name: Stichting WAGT-MOOC
Statutory seat: Municipality of Buren (The Netherlands)
President: Prof. em. Herman Bouma, The Netherlands
Secretary-General: Prof. em. Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk, The Netherlands
Treasurer: Prof. em Don G. Bouwhuis, The Netherlands
Member: Prof. Neal Charness PhD, USA
Registration number (KvK): 75335042 :
Fiscal number (RSIN): 860242602
Bank: RABO, Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB, Utrecht
IBAN: NL30 RABO 0345 4493 98
Contact: j.e.m.h.v.bronswijk(a)tue.nl


The Stiching WAGT-MOOC is a non-profit organization that came into being on July 10, 2019. We aim to be fully transparent in how the budget is acquired and spent.
Board members and other volunteers receive no payment for their work. They may receive compensation for the costs, reasonably made in the execution of their duties, as described in the Statutes, Articles 2.1 and 3.5.
Cost payments are, however, only possible when the financial situation of the Stichting WAGT-MOOC it allows.
Financial reports will be published on the downloads page where you can also find planning statements.