WAGT-MOOC Foundation


WAGT-MOOC Foundation


Our aim

The Stichting WAGT-MOOC develops and maintains MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for the WAGT (World Academy for Gerontechnology), an international association under French law for the promotion of gerontechnology knowledge and skills. The Dutch word Stichting is called Foundation in English.
The MOOCs combine knowledge of ageing (gerontology) with technologies that are useful for an ageing society. It not only concerns aspiration and needs of older persons, but also highlights preparing younger people for a long healthy and happy life.

The current project of the Stichting WAGT-MOOC is the development of the MOOC ‘Essentials of Gerontechnology’. All teachers are volunteers and will not get paid. This MOOC will be developed in cooperation with not only the WAGT, but also the ISG (International Society for Gerontechnology) and especially its cultural chapters from the Americas, Asia and Europe.

This way the Stichting WAGT-MOOC will be serving the ageing society is by educating students who may later supply the best environments for ageing persons. After completing the course our target group bachelor students is able to follow master classes to complete their schooling in gerontechnology. Some institutes of higher learning on Taiwan and in the Netherlands have already agreed to incorporate the MOOC, when ready, in their official teaching curricula.

Most universities have either gerontology or technology disciplines available, but usually not both. With our MOOCs students can be taught to combine the knowledge of both discipline groups to be able to better understand technology needs and opportunities of the aged and the ageing, both related to persons and the society at large..

Volunteers, costs and donations

Our MOCCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are essentially free courses for international bachelor students at Institutions of Higher Learning. Policy makers and other professionals may also be interested. Teachers are volunteers and are not paid. Currently the four main teachers are also board members, but this will change in the near future when more volunteers are taking part. For our first MOOC ‘Essentials of Gerontechnology’ we are currently preparing a test block. If you want to take part in the testing as student or teacher, please apply by email.

The Stichting WAGT-MOOC acquires her assets for developing and maintaining websites and MOOCs through grants, donations, testamentary dispositions, legacies and, in the future, through fees of students requesting a certificate or who wish to repeat a course.
WAGT-MOOC has a board of volunteers who are not paid for their work.
To support us financially, please go to our donation page.

July 2019-December 2020

As planned the ICT-structure of the first MOOC is near to completion and will probably be ready by the end of 2019. For the coming year the program includes the selecting open source publications (by the teachers), collecting, evaluating and selecting free videos from the Cultural Chapters of the ISG (International Society for Gerontechnology), and detailing the different building blocks of the MOOC.